Healthy Juice: Perfect Juice/Drink for Beauty, Smartness and Health



Hello, Guys! This is the very first post/article of my new website. I am so happy today haha. Hope you like this post. Let’s get on with it. This article shares the recipe of THE PERFECT JUICE made from 100% pure Vegetables and Fruits, it is perfect for the girls who want to achieve Perfect Beauty, Being smart (and by smart I mean not being overweight or underweight) and become just so healthy because “Health is Wealth”. Oh Yes! I forgot to tell you it is unbelievably delicious! Let’s start!

First of all, this Juice is Hot Pink because of Beet Root which looks so nice lol. Same as my hair colour. I have Hot Pink Hairs, actually few streaks.


If you are suffering from Hairfall, Anemia, Low Blood Level/Haemoglobin, skin problems or any other health problem. This juice will help you cure those things. Because it has these 4 Ingredients which are not less than any spell, in other words, it is a potion that can cure almost anything. You know why? Because it has Apple, we all are familiar with this saying “An apple a day keep the Dr. away”. Also the Beet Root, Carrot and Sweet lime are very good for health.

The girls who are dieting and want to reduce weight then drink this juice daily twice maybe and dilute it and drink this Juice. You will loose weight easily.

Perfect Hot Pink Juice:-



  1. Carrot x 1
  2. Beet Root x 1wp_20161117_010
  3. Apple x 1-2
  4. Sweet Lime (It is called Mausambi in my country) x 1-2


How to Make:-

  • Use a juicer to get the juice of Carrot, Sweet Lime (You can use orange if you don’t have Mausambi/Sweet Lime), Apple and Beet Root.
  • Mix them Together.
  • Add some chilled water in it.
  • Serve with mint.



Ok, so this was the Simple recipe. You can take out the Beet Root if you don’t have it. Since once I didn’t have the Beet Root at home and I had to drink the juice from those 3 things. The taste was still good.

Apple, Carrot, Lime Juice : from bottom to top

Apple, Carrot, Lime Juice : from bottom to top

At first, the juice was normal and I didn’t like it much but after 2 days I just loved the taste. Now, I really can’t live without this juice. My health and the immune system is better now, I can feel it.

Oh yes! Here is a point that you can dilute the juice and then drink it. This will be really good for health and it will really affect the body faster and better.

You can drink the Juice daily, and maybe 2-3 times a day.

I hope you have liked our today’s article.

Question for you:

Will you try this Juice? If not why? Are you afraid how it will taste?