Soft Pink MakeUp Tutorial

Girls love PINK, well most of us. Most of the Girls love Pink colour from their childhood, but other favourite colour choice changes time to time, like of mine. Pink colour symbolises warmth, love, grace, trust, romance, beauty and harmony. Pink colour is not just a nice colour to love but it is also nice for MakeUp.

Let’s see a tutorial on Pink MakeUp or as we say Soft Pink MakeUp!

 First of all, let’s discuss what Pink colour says about your personality;

Pink: Pink is a gentle colour more popular among females. If your favourite colour is pink it may mean you are a soft, gentle, innocent person though you have a tendency to flirt and play around. You are sweet and loving. You radiate warmth and are friendly but tend to keep any inner emotions hidden from others. Violence often upsets you.nnnn


Soft Pink MakeUp Tutorial:



For Face:


  • Wash you face.
  • Dry your face.
  • Apply base if needed.
  • I would recommend use a simple lotion or a light base.
  • You can use concealer and contouring if needed.
  • Apply face powder evenly.
  • Use Pink Blush, that matches the Eye MakeUp Colors.
  • Highlight with illuminating pearls (after blush) or liquid highlighter (before blush).



For Eyes:


1: Apply Eye Shadow Base.

snip 1


2: Apply White coloured Eye Shadow in inner eyelid corners.

snip 2


3: Apply Pink coloured Eye Shadow in outer eyelid corners.



4: Now gently use tape on both sides of eyes.

snip 5


5: Now, use the following colour on the edges of eyes. Just make sure it doesn’t touch the Pink Eye Shadow. Use White coloured Eye Shade on Highlights/Brow Bone area.




6: Apply white coloured glitter or cream glitter in inner eye corners.



7: Now, it’s time to use liquid matte Eye Liner.

snip 3


8: Use Brownish colour Eye Shade on lower lash line.


9: Curl Up your Lashes.

snip 6


10: Apply Black Mascara.

snip 7.PNG



For Lips:



We love our lips, don’t we? The thing that enhances the beauty of Lips is Lip Colours! One of my favourite Lip Color is Pink, other than Red.

Pink Lip Color personality:

Ladies who wear this feminine shade are viewed as more sociable, fun-loving, and attractive.  Instead of going out on a Saturday night, you may find pink lipstick-wearers curled up on the couch watching a movie or Netflix. And senior-level executives are more likely to own at least one shade of pink lipstick. Looks like that sociable perception can take you far.
Bright pinks are very on-trend for spring, and there are so many varying hues in the market, from semi-sheer to opaque, cool to warm toned, glossy to a matte finish.




1: First of all, apply lip balm or any moisturising cream.

2: Now, use pink lip colour.


3: It’s time to apply Pink lip Gloss.

snip 10


4: Apply coral coloured lip colour.

snip 11




Final Look:



I hope you love the Final Look.







At the End, the quote I love;

“If you cancel on a girl after she have applied makeup she will not stay at home, she will go out and walk her Fish because she is not going to waste her makeup.



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