What I have learned in 2016

Today I am going to share my memories of 2016. I am going to summarise my memories and the lessons which I have learned in 2016 in just one article. What I have lost and what I have gained, what I regret and the lessons that I have learned.

It took me about 10 days to write this post and I hope I got it right. I tried my best to explain my thoughts and I have put all efforts to write it in a good way because writing your thought is a very difficult task.




1: Hard work pays off:


First of all, Hard work always pays off. It is not just a quote but a reality and I have experienced it myself.

“Hard work has a future payoff; laziness pays off now”

I worked so hard to get good grades and I did. I have worked hard for my blog and look where I am now. I never even dreamt of having my own domain and a professional e-mail. But look where I am now today and I hope I keep working hard because I am sure I will reach somewhere with it.


2: Love for blogging/writing:


I used to hate writing essays, articles or other School Stuff. But in 2016 I have discovered that I just love writing/blogging and I started a blog in my spare time. I was free from like April to July and I didn’t have anything to do but enjoy my time. Instead of hanging out with friends or watching Tv Series I started my own WordPress Free Blog and in November I made my blog official.


3: Trips to amazing places:


In 2016 I went to so many amazing places. I visited Pakistani Kashmir, Murree (Original Name Malka-e-Kohsaar), Karachi, Islamabad etc. I just love travelling and I believe everyone should get out of their town/city and travel to some amazing places. Sightseeing and travelling really freshen up the mind. Just go somewhere at least twice a year.

“Travel Brings Power and Love back your life.” – Rumi

I learned so many things from these trips. Like no matter how perfect your plan is but if going on that trip is not in your fate you will never go. I planned a trip to Kashmir with 25 people and it was just Oh Perfect but unfortunately, the bus had an accident and it never came and the plan was totally cancelled. But after 13 hours we hired a new bus (32-33 seater bus) and started our journey to Kashmir. Yeah we missed few destinations and the routine there was very hectic but we saw such amazing places. Going on that trip was in our fate and you can’t change fate.


4: Everything has a time:


Another thing I learned is that everything has a time. Bad or Good but it will end with its time. Like if you are going through something bad and it feels like it might never end and feels like an eternity but it is totally wrong because everything has a time and it will end at its time, all we can do is to be patient and just focus on tomorrow because everything will be alright soon.

“Having Faith in God includes Faith in his timings.”

So, always have faith in God (if you believe in him).


5: Losing is also an opportunity:


If you have lost something it doesn’t mean you won’t get it back, it will be returned to you but in a better edition. If we lose something it means we deserve something better.

It also means you are one step closer to your goal.

“Sometimes we need to lose the small battles inorder to win the war”

Never be afraid of losing and be strong.

I hope you have liked my point of view on life. I don’t know how many people would agree with me but I have experienced these 5 things in my life in 2016. Also, check these articles: “What I learned in 2016 + Goals” and “Things I learned in 2016”.  I just loved these 2 articles, they really touched my heart.

Do read this and let me know what you think. I would love to know your point of view on these 5 thoughts.


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