AliExpress Affordable Products Review + Shipping

Ok, so this is a very strange Header “Aliexpress Affordable Products Review + Shipping”. Well, this article is the review of products I bought from Aliexpress. I really don’t know what should be the header so I tried this lol. I am going to review one dollar products and it’s shipping cost and timing. If you haven’t tried Aliexpress then I guess this is the perfect article for you. This article is really good for all the people in the world including Pakistan. Let’s get started!

First thing first which is my story:

My Story:



I always wanted to try Aliexpress but I never had the guts to gamble. But last summer i.e August 2016 I gather all my courage and ordered a bracelet which was around 1.25$ and I shipped it with China Post. I said it is just one dollar and it doesn’t matter if I get it or not.

After 20-30 days, I really can’t remember the exact time but I got it in less than 40 days which was the Estimate Shipping Date. The person who delivered it didn’t even ask for money because it was free shipping. But hey do give him some tip lol. I got an amazing bracelet and just for one dollar (Well, 1.25 $ lol).

Most people in the world think that they don’t deliver or the quality is not good. Well, this is totally absurd and they are true to their words.

As for the people in Pakistan. My friends, you might think that Pakistan’s Post doesn’t send stuff to your homes, it is wrong because I have ordered lots of Makeup, clothes and accessories from abroad using Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress and all of them reached my destination. I just didn’t get one package which was from Ebay and I don’t even know why it never came.

But it is mu suggestion not to order lots of things in your first experience because mistakes can happen in ordering for the first time.


The quality of the Products:


.Ok, so the quality of the products was really good comparing to its price too. I have ordered various things and I can’t find them at the moment because I haven’t started unpacking lol because I came from Karachi like 17 days ago and I am very busy with College. I might add pictures of the products when I unpack the stuff haha.

I ordered a Green Stone Bracelet and its stones were really shiny and it hasn’t even turned blackish because mostly artificial jewellery turns black or rusty after some time. I also ordered some pair of fingerless mittens. They are really good and comfy too! One more thing about them is that I use them casually and no fuzzies and the threads are not even out haha.

Link to Aliexpress:

I hope you have liked this review. All I can say is you can easily order stuff from Aliexpress, I am thinking about ordering a black dress haha. What is your opinion on it?

Will you be buying from Aliexpress?

Thank You and Have a Nice Day,