Redist Hair Care Products Review

Ok, so I am going to review Hair Care Products from Redist Brand. I have been using these Hair Products from like last year (2015 December) and I really liked them. By the way, I am not much into Chemical stuff because they are really harmful but I really liked their products. Also, when I am not into all that oiling and homemade shampoos stuff or I am being lazy then I go for Redist. I believe you should read this review and give its product a chance. let’s get started!



BB Cream

Ok, so I have used their Shampoo, BB Cream, Hair Oils, Shampoos, Hair Masks and Conditioner. I will give a review on each one.

Their BB Cream is just so good, I like to use it sometimes when I am going for a formal look.




Redist Hair Care Oil 40 Overdose:



40 Oil

Ok, this is a totally AMAZING Hair Oil and they claim that it contains 100% Natural Herbs. I kinda believe them about this. Not because they say it but because the oil kinda smells bad lol. This Hair Oil is packed with 40 Nourishing Oils. Its packaging box did contain the list of the 40 Oils but I can’t find it haha.

It comes in a nice and shiny Golden Boc. There is a plastic bottle with a nozzle that sprays the Oil in hairs, which is really comfortable for oiling haha.

This really made my hairs amazing. My hairs become shinier, soft and they were not rough. I do recommend using it.

AMAZON LINK: Redist USA 40 Overdose Hair Care Oil, 5.09 Ounce


Redist Hair Care Shampoos:


I have tried their 2 Shampoos, their names are as follows;

  • Redist HairCare Shampoo Milk & Honey (Link)
  • Redist Haircare Shampoo 40 OverDose

The Milk and Honey Shampoo was not really good for my hairs, my hairs became like less volume and sort of sticky I can’t find the exact terms for such hairs. I didn’t like it and I don’t know if you should try it or not but I am not going to use it again.


As for the 40 Overdose Shampoo, I totally recommend it. I just loved how it made my hairs so soft and silky. Also, they claim it is natural and is packed with 40 Herbs.




Redist Hair Care Mask 40 OverDose:


40 Overdose Hair Mask

This is another amazing product that is also natural. I just love this Hair Mask because it makes my hair silky, shiny, flexible and beautiful. I recommend it to everyone who have damaged and rough hairs.

But please always go for homemade natural stuff, they are a thousand times better than packed products.


Redist Two Phase 40 OverDose Conditioner:


This is one of my favourite product from Redist so far. It is more like a spraying conditioner and not our regular conditioner which you have to rinse off. You can use it on damp or dry hairs and you will have your perfect hairs. It also gives thermal protections to our hairs and it is good for dyed hairs.

Whenever I go out-of-town this Conditioner is always in my bag, unfortunately, I forgot it on my Karachi trip, which was a very bad thing because Karachi has a very dry weather and the water there is not as good as of the city I live in and my hairs became so poofy and rough. It was the worst thing that could happen lol.

Anyhow, I really recommend that you guys should buy this Conditioner. This makes my hair manageable, shinier, soft and beautiful of course. But guys please do remember always use home products. Like Hot Oils and homemade shampoos. They are really better than any product that comes from the market because they may contain harsh chemicals.



Redist Logo



Well, we can conclude that Redist is a very good company and you can try their stuff. It is pricey (Like 28-40 USD) I know but totally worth it. It’s 40 Overdose range is really good and they claim that it is 100% Natural. I recommend that you guys should buy Redist products. Oh and yes! You should try it’s BB Cream I really like it but I don’t use it much because my skin is really clear.



Will you be buying Redist Products?


I hope you guys liked this review. Please let me know if you have any question, regarding anything. I will be happy to answer you.


Thank you,



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