How to get Beautiful Dark Mehandi/Henna Colour



Mehandi/Henna Cone Eid

Mehandi/Henna Cone Eid,

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are doing great. I am so sorry for my absence lately. ┬áBut hey I am back now with lots of great posts. First of all, Happy Ramadan to all of you. Let’s start the post now.


Okay, so the post is about Henna/Mehandi, as Eid (an Islamic Event) is here and girls in every corner of the world are getting ready to look FAB and Gorgeous. They buy beautiful clothes, makeup, go to salons and get nice nail arts and Mehandi/Henna But they do miss one thing, beautiful colour which is DARKER and more RED. Also, the longer it stays on hands the better it is, because the colour fades out quickly these days, because of some chemicals and other reasons.

Types Of Henna/Mehandi:


1: Real Mehandi:


Red EMhandi/Henna

Red Mehandi

I believe they are very hard to find these days and some of them are expensive but they are worth it because they stay longer, the colours don’t bleed much and the colour is very pretty, not black or orange, just pure reddish maroon colour.

I have once used real Henna/Mehandi Leaves and dried the leaves and made Henne/Mehandi with it. The mixture/paste had a thick consistency and the leaves granules were really messing up the Thin Strokes Design, so I just asked the “Mehandi Artist” to do a Thick Strokes Design, the colour was very nice and I really loved it, but because of the granules present in it the design was not that appealing, but seriously the colour was amazing.


2: Mehandi/Henna Essence (ARQ):


Eid mehandi


Okay, so I had the worst experience with Arq Mehandi, it gave a nice colour but it was purely colour/chemicals which bled out every time I washed my hands or I just touched water, it kept bleeding. As the colour was bled so much, I end up with faded and very pale Mehandi on my hands on Eid Day, on the First Day of Eid, can you imagine the horror!

Arq Mehandi, gets on hand as soon a sit is dried up and peels off like a Peel-Off Mask.




3: Chemical Mehandi/Henna:

Mehandi/Henna Eid

Black Mehandi/Henna Eid

Alright, so this is the Mehandi that is mostly available in the markets, but it is good not that bad. Also, the quality matters too in these Mehandi Cones, like some may contain 50% chemicals, and some may contain 10% Chemicals.

The best way to acknowledge it is by applying a small dot of Mehandi on your lower hand i.e palm, and wait for 10 minutes, if the colour is very bright orange then it has lots of chemicals in it, if not just a pale orange colour, then it’s best (Just grab it!!) Also, if the colour is pale brownish-orange, just leave it, it is a bit old.



Hot to get the Perfect Dark Mehandi/Henna Colour:


Okay, so in order to get the Perfect Dark Mehandi Colour, just follow the following steps:


  1. Apply Mehandi
  2. Let is almost dry, just before it’s about to crack.
  3. Use Eucalyptus Oil or Clove Oil and pour it on some Cotton Balls.
  4. Dab the Cotton Balls on the dried Mehandi (Not cracked)
  5. After applying any of those two oils, you may leave them on for an hour or maybe 2 hours.
  6. Wash your hand gently, try not to use lots of soap and water.




Thank you, everyone, for liking our posts and appreciating our work. I hope you all will like this Special Mehandi/Henna Post. This Eucalyptus and Clove Oil works like a miracle and I really recommend all of you to use it because it really brings out a nice and vibrant colours, and it doesn’t even fade or bleed.

Ba Bye!