My Bedtime Beauty routine


BedtimeHello, readers! Well, I know that I have been absent lately and I haven’t posted a single article from like June I believe. So, as I believe we are missing out some things on Beauty, technology, lifehacks etc, and so here I present you my latest discovery and my new “Bedtime Beauty Routine”

First of all, I would like to say after a whole month of examination I finally have time for my face, hairs, body and my soul. I really did not get a nice night-time sleep. After my examination, I joined an academy for extra preparations and everything was so busy and my routine was so hectic and so I had a tough time. Now, I realised I can’t compromise on my health and beauty. So, this is my new and improved Bedtime Beauty Routine



Bedtime Beauty Routine:


My Bedtime beauty routine consists of few steps, which are as follows:-


1: Glass of Milk and Honey:

I really don’t know how many of you will agree with me, but drinking milk and honey before going to bed is very healthy for the body. It really relaxes you and gives you a nice sleep. People have been using these for centuries and it really works. I also sometimes drink Turmeric Milk with Honey when I had a very rough and hectic day.



2: Cleansing face:

I really love sleeping with no makeup or the day’s debris on my face. Sleeping with makeup on or the day’s debris can be very harmful to the skin. If you are so tired and can’t do a cleansing at least splash hot water few times and apply rose water with cotton balls.


3: 8 hours of Sleep:

It is necessary to get 8 hours of sleep at night (Not day haha), most of our young generation (including me) loves staying up and sleep so late, this is very bad for health and you will get a Racoon Face (They are cute but with dark circles and a girl can’t rock dark circles, can she?). I just say go to bed early and wake up early in the morning so you can go for a morning walk and breathe in fresh air.


4: Comfortable Clothes:

I also believe that what leads to a perfect sleep is comfortable clothes. I find PJs comforting and they are very nice too, they are not tight like jeans or something.


5: Comfortable Bed:

The thing which is also important is a perfect bed and a pillow, you must have heard the story of “Goldilocks” the girl who couldn’t sleep on hard or extra soft beds or maybe the story of “Princess and the Pea”, these stories really say it all that you must have a nice bed to get a good night sleep. So, I suggest you buy a good mattress and pillow because you can’t start your day when you haven’t had a good sleep.

I recently found out about a mattress company named “Leesa”, they really make comforting mattresses and I am thinking about ordering one online, as I love a nice mattress. I also liked their idea about “One-Ten”, as they say; “We donate one mattress for every ten we sell.”  You can check their mattresses here Leesa Mattress.



I hope you all liked my today’s post, we really need to focus on our body, face, hairs and sleep because ambitions are important but they can only be achieved if you have some time for yourself too!



Good Bye!