Advantages and Disadvantages of Pokemon Go on Health and Beauty

First of all, I humbly apologise for not posting. I was busy with my religious event (Eid) and I went on  a family trip. Therefore, I was not able to update my blog. Today I am going with the trend that is “Pokemon Go“.

I am pretty sure that you all have heard of Pokemon Go Game or maybe just the name Pokemon. If you are a 90’s kid then I am quite sure that you know Pokemon. All those cute, furious, horrifying and of course adorable Pokemon, like Pikachu if you name one. It is a very popular game, I have heard somewhere that it have beaten Candy crush Saga. This game is a combination of GPS, augmented reality (A.R), and superbly amazing graphics. Thanks to Nintendo and Niantic Labs for this amazing game.

You must be confusing why I am writing this article, and how it matches my blog’s theme. We don’t have a Tech Section but we do have a healthy lifestyle and beauty section (You must be getting my point now or maybe not). Let me explain my point, I may have messed up your mind. Ok, what I am trying to explain is that in Pokemon Go you have to go outside to play and have some progress in the game, it is an outdoor game (Outdoor=Sun=Suburn/Tan). Parents are so happy that finally their Kids are going outside to do something rather than just stay in the house and play Xbox or PlayStation video games, cell phones, social network etc. We are going to discuss advantages and disadvantages of Pokemon Go:-

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Healthy Juice: Perfect Juice/Drink for Beauty, Smartness and Health



Hello, Guys! This is the very first post/article of my new website. I am so happy today haha. Hope you like this post. Let’s get on with it. This article shares the recipe of THE PERFECT JUICE made from 100% pure Vegetables and Fruits, it is perfect for the girls who want to achieve Perfect Beauty, Being smart (and by smart I mean not being overweight or underweight) and become just so healthy because “Health is Wealth”. Oh Yes! I forgot to tell you it is unbelievably delicious! Let’s start!

First of all, this Juice is Hot Pink because of Beet Root which looks so nice lol. Same as my hair colour. I have Hot Pink Hairs, actually few streaks.

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