How To / DIY: Everyday Makeup Look for Teenagers

sni pdoneThis tutorial is for Teenage Girls, but anyone can check it out. I have written this article on Everyday Makeup Tutorial. This tutorial is specially for those girls who really want to use makeup to enhance their beauty, but mostly they end up with something terrible. So I hope you like it!

This tutorial is by Melanie Diaz, I got this video tutorial from her Youtube Channel. Thank you so much to her! I hope you like it.

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How To/DIY: Soft Summer Nude and Pink Makeup Tutorial + Video


Today we are going to share an amazing Tutorial. This tutorial is about enhancing your beauty for Summer. This Makeup Tutorial is for Summer, and you can use it with any outfit. It got a bit of Pink Colour, but it is mostly nude so you will look nice in this makeup. This makeup will look nice on everyone including teen girls.

This Makeup Tutorial is by Fictionally Flawless. I believe she is an amazing MakeUp Artist. You should check her Tutorials. Her Youtube Channel is Fictionally Flawless.



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How To Make/DIY/Tutorial: Nail Art Stickers

This article is about making your very own Homemade Nail Art Stickers. It is very easy and fun to do. You will feel like you are a Nail Art Artist or maybe Picasso. Anyone can do this from a Funky Teenager to an Elegant Lady.

Nail Art is one of the most important element of ourselves which we carry with us when we are going somewhere, apart from our clothes (Of course). Our Nail Art shows our personality whether we are PRETTY IN PINK girl or maybe a GOTH girl. Always remember one thing that

“Your Nails not only reflects you, but they also speak about what type of a person you really are.”

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How To: Plump Lips & Ombre Lip Tutorial

Today we are going to discuss Plumed Lips and Ombre Lips. This post is especially for teens who want to plump their lips at home, also this trick is temporary and I have tried it myself. Also, we are giving a tutorial for Ombre Lips. I hope you like it.


Let’s Get Started!


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How To Apply Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup is the very most important part when you are going to attend a casual or maybe a formal function such as a charity party, everyday style (Makeup Tutorial: Everyday Makeup.), club party,  a wedding function, business meeting, birthday or anniversary party etc. For all those events & other festivals you need to do a perfect makeover, also you always need a perfect makeover who I am kidding. In make up the eye shades part have great importance. Your eye makeup should never be so boring or dull or maybe grandma’s style. Similarly, it should not be so bold or maybe so vibrant that you will feel alienatic. A person should always go for an elegant and stunning look if you want to achieve a perfect look.Today, we are going to show that “how you can apply eye makeup perfectly & flawlessly”, it is way too, easy even a kid can do it. I am going to share a simple step by step eye makeup basic which you can use for any eye makeup style.

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Glitter Purple Eye MakeUp Tutorial

The world is full of beautiful colors, and of course some colors are our favorite. Like, some girls love Pink color from their childhood but their favorite color changes form time to time. My favorite color have changed into Purple. So, today I am going to share with you Purple Color Lovers Personality and a Glamorous Purple Eye MakeUp!

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Summer Makeup

Almost every girl love makeup, even if the makeup doesn’t look good on her still she will love makeup. The most important parts of makeup are Lips and Eyes.


If you cancel on a girl after she have applied makeup she will not stay at home, she will go out and walk her Fish because she is not going to waste her makeup.


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Nail Art DIY Tools and How-To

These days, merely painting your nails red, black or just colorful isn’t really enough anymore. There are some brilliantly artistic and creative designs out there to transform your mind’s creativity on your nails in the form of Nail Art. Of course, it doesn’t have to be complicated as it may look like; you don’t really need to go out and buy expensive tools or products, you just need some motivation and a bit of Inspiration!


Let’s Get moving!

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