What I have learned in 2016

Today I am going to share my memories of 2016. I am going to summarise my memories and the lessons which I have learned in 2016 in just one article. What I have lost and what I have gained, what I regret and the lessons that I have learned.

It took me about 10 days to write this post and I hope I got it right. I tried my best to explain my thoughts and I have put all efforts to write it in a good way because writing your thought is a very difficult task.


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Happy New Year Perfectionists



Hello, Perfectionists!


Hope you all are doing great. I am so sorry for my absence. I was out fo town for my Cousin’s Wedding and totally forgot to inform you all about not being able to blog for at least 15 days. But now I am back with great posts for you. First of all, Happy new Year to everyone. Check out this  New Year Poem.

I am pretty sure that you all had so much fun in the past few days because it was the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2016. A new chapter in our life have just begun and we have about 365 pages (Technically 361 left. Since its 4th Jan now) to write our story. Every day will be a new day filled with happiness, ambitions,  friendship, love, adventures and food of course.

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