How to get Beautiful Dark Mehandi/Henna Colour



Mehandi/Henna Cone Eid

Mehandi/Henna Cone Eid,

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are doing great. I am so sorry for my absence lately.  But hey I am back now with lots of great posts. First of all, Happy Ramadan to all of you. Let’s start the post now.


Okay, so the post is about Henna/Mehandi, as Eid (an Islamic Event) is here and girls in every corner of the world are getting ready to look FAB and Gorgeous. They buy beautiful clothes, makeup, go to salons and get nice nail arts and Mehandi/Henna But they do miss one thing, beautiful colour which is DARKER and more RED. Also, the longer it stays on hands the better it is, because the colour fades out quickly these days, because of some chemicals and other reasons.

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How-To Dye Your Hairs Part 2

Some people are crazy for experimentation which is related to style, hairs and makeup, but there are some people who do not have confidence or courage to dye their hairs. They hesitate from dying hairs because they can affect the hair’s health, shine and their beauty. I do agree dying hairs can cause hair fall problems, dullness roughness etc. But ever wonder why we face such problems? It is mainly because of bleaching and harsh chemicals in dyes. If you have Dark brown or black hairs you need to bleach your hairs to platinum blonde in order to get neon or fresh colours. In short, we can say that bleaching our hairs mean that we are killing our beautiful hairs.  Also, using bad company dyes can also be a problem, you can use natural dyes available in the market such as henna/Mehandi or you can make red colours or other from natural fruits and vegetables. But to every problem, there is a solution. Let’s start solving the problem!


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How To Faux WaterFall Braid HeadBand

snip 5.PNG

Summer is here with it’s heat and trends.

The most important part of Summer is to survive in such a hot season. This includes wearing light clothes and of course hairstyle.

I personally love Buns in Summer, but a nice hairband can also be good Today we are going to share an amazing tutorial on Faux Waterfall Head Band. This amazing Hairstyle can be worn in either winter or Summer, which is here with it’s hotness. I hope you like it.




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Skin and Hairs Treatments using Fennel Seeds

Most of the people know about fennel seeds, at least people from Asian country. People use fennel seeds for cooking and medicinal uses. But are you aware of it’s benefits? Well, I guess most of us don’t, including me that it was so much beneficial for health, skin and hairs. Let’s discuss on the benefits of Fennel Seeds for Hairs and Skin. 

You can find the benefits of fennel seeds in the previous post. The following will be the few uses of fennel seeds for skin and hairs..


For Skin:

1) Fennel Seed Skin Toner:

 Take a handful of fennel seeds and add it to boiling water. The solution should be cold down. Then, add a few drops of fennel essential oil to the mixture. Filter it. Dab it on your face with the help of cotton as many times as you can throughout the day. Your skin feels thoroughly refreshed

2) Fennel Seed Steam Facial:

 Add 1 tsp of fennel seeds to one liter of boiling water. Lean over it and cover your head and neck with a towel for 5 minutes. Let your facial skin benefit from the fennel steam to make it look clean and radiant. This can be done twice a week to clean the pores and make your skin glow.


3) Fennel Seed Face Mask:

Prepare fennel seed infusion by adding a spoon of fennel seeds to half a cup of boiling water. Wait for 30 minutes and add the solution to a spoon of oatmeal and spoon of honey. Make a smooth batter and apply it on your face. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.


4) For Slim Face:

Just chew fennel seeds every day almost every time this chewing process is like exercise for face slimming. Fennel seeds is also good for weight loss. So try it. I have tried these myself and I daily use fennel seeds for my skin, hairs and food.



For Hairs:


Some of the best known benefits that you expect your hair to reap from fennel seeds are as follows:

1.Treat dandruff

2.Treat itchiness and bumps on the scalp.

3.Prevent hair breakage.

4.Treat shredding of hair strands.

 1) Fennel Seeds Tea:

Prepare fennel seeds tea by boiling 3 tablespoon of fennel seeds in 1 cup of water (Approximately 500 Ml or according to your hairs length. Mine are short so I use 250 ML). After boiling the fennel seeds tea, sieve it. Rinse out your hairs with fennel seeds tea after shampooing/conditioning. See our first post for a detailed method.

2) Fennel Seeds and Vinegar:

Boil 1 cup of water. Pour it over a spoon of crushed fennel seeds placed in a small bowl. Wait for 30 minutes. After that, add a spoon of vegetable glycerin and apple cider vinegar. Now the solution is to be filtered. You may use cheesecloth for the purpose. Use it on your hair and scalp. Massage it in and wait for some time. Rinse it off. The best part is that this tonic can even be stored in a glass container for weeks.

Care for Nails

superthumb (1)

We all love beautiful hands, but hands can’t look beautiful without a perfect nail color.Our hands and nails also describe our personality, whether we are impatient or patient or are we Gothic, Pretty or Glam. You can wear any nail color with any outfit, because it is an amazing accessory. So, always pick a beautiful nail color and look Perfect!


“Any women can wear a great outfit, but it is her nails that makes the statement.”


I so agree that Nails can make the statement but some people just apply Nail Color so they can hide out their grubby nails. So, always keep you nails beautiful because they are so gorgeous to show.

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Shiny and Long Hairs Herbal Treatment

The most important thing in our life is our Hairs. A girl can never look as amazing  as she can be without her hairs. The beauty of a girl can only be described by how beautiful her hairs are. I believe I can only look beautiful if I have Beautiful Hairs. An amazing quote;

I love my Hairs because it’s a reflection of myself, and myself is beautiful.

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