Recipe of French Toast and Eggless French Toast

First of all, I would like to say that everyone should have a healthy and balanced breakfast. Always include Egg and Milk in your breakfast because they are rich in proteins. Try this French Toast and you will complete you Egg and Milk Portion, with Yumminess. Do try these Recipes.
Before trying the recipe, I would really want you to check this article that shows the importance of Breakfast and some breakfast recipe links “ Why Breakfast is so Important? ”.

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Why Breakfast is so important for us?

First of all, I am going to brief you out that this article is about some advantages related to the breakfast and problem for skipping it.

I am so excited and happy as well to introduce our new page/category that is FOOD! The page/category will be out in few hours, so stay in touch. We all love food, and I am a fan of Food. Anyone who says they don’t like Food I would happily fight with them lol, but it’s their choice we can’t force someone to like something.

I sometimes wish that we could download food from the internet like we download songs, movies and data from the internet. Don’t you think technology should have progress in this discipline? Haha, let’s hope we see that one day. Imagine that french fries with Nacho Cheese is downloading.



I always say to everyone that we should enjoy our life, eat whatever you want to because life is unpredictable, and you can go at any time. So, enjoy your life and of course the food too. Ok, but remember one thing eat food but with a limit cap on it. You don’t want to get in trouble.

I love this:

“One should live to eat, not eat to live.”

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