How to get Beautiful Dark Mehandi/Henna Colour



Mehandi/Henna Cone Eid

Mehandi/Henna Cone Eid,

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are doing great. I am so sorry for my absence lately.  But hey I am back now with lots of great posts. First of all, Happy Ramadan to all of you. Let’s start the post now.


Okay, so the post is about Henna/Mehandi, as Eid (an Islamic Event) is here and girls in every corner of the world are getting ready to look FAB and Gorgeous. They buy beautiful clothes, makeup, go to salons and get nice nail arts and Mehandi/Henna But they do miss one thing, beautiful colour which is DARKER and more RED. Also, the longer it stays on hands the better it is, because the colour fades out quickly these days, because of some chemicals and other reasons.

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10 Dark Eye Circles Remedies

Everyone wants to look beautiful. But it is impossible to get your desired beauty standard when you have Dark circles. Someone have truly said that eyes can say a thousand words, but what do a Racoon human’s eyes say. Anyhow, dark circles are usually caused due to lack of sleep, stress and unbalanced hormones, also you may have inherited them. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, gets some sleep, stay cool and free from tension and eat a balanced diet to avoid them. Also, try our Herbal remedies.

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