Gold Glitter Cat Eye Makeup Step By Step Tutorial + Video



Hello, Perfectionists! This tutorial is especially for those girls who love Glittery and Glossy Makeup. The Artist have done an amazing Job in achieving the Perfect Glitter Makeup. In my point of view, anyone can do smokey makeup but it is very hard to do makeup that has glitter in it. You know why? Becuase glitter can make you look flashy or classy.It totally depends on the Artist and the Teacher of course. Well, you are lucky in both cases because I am pretty sure that you are a great Artist and the person who made this tutorial video is an amazing Teacher. So, good luck and enjoy this makeup look!

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Pokemon Go MakeUp, Clothing and Hairstyle

We all know what Pokemon Go is, for the people who don’t know what it is, it’s THE MOST TRENDING GAME of the world. You have to go outside o play this game. Almost everyone in this world is playing this game. If you haven’t tried this you should give it  a try. Anyhow, we are going to discuss Makeup and Hairstyle for this game. So let’s get started!

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How To/DIY: Soft Summer Nude and Pink Makeup Tutorial + Video


Today we are going to share an amazing Tutorial. This tutorial is about enhancing your beauty for Summer. This Makeup Tutorial is for Summer, and you can use it with any outfit. It got a bit of Pink Colour, but it is mostly nude so you will look nice in this makeup. This makeup will look nice on everyone including teen girls.

This Makeup Tutorial is by Fictionally Flawless. I believe she is an amazing MakeUp Artist. You should check her Tutorials. Her Youtube Channel is Fictionally Flawless.



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