Healthy Juice: Perfect Juice/Drink for Beauty, Smartness and Health



Hello, Guys! This is the very first post/article of my new website. I am so happy today haha. Hope you like this post. Let’s get on with it. This article shares the recipe of THE PERFECT JUICE made from 100% pure Vegetables and Fruits, it is perfect for the girls who want to achieve Perfect Beauty, Being smart (and by smart I mean not being overweight or underweight) and become just so healthy because “Health is Wealth”. Oh Yes! I forgot to tell you it is unbelievably delicious! Let’s start!

First of all, this Juice is Hot Pink because of Beet Root which looks so nice lol. Same as my hair colour. I have Hot Pink Hairs, actually few streaks.

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Face Masks from Persimmon


I always wonder how can people think that being beautiful, having a pretty face can capture many hearts. But do you ever think, how long will it last? I believe it will only last as long as it stays beautiful, and what comes after that? Nothing. Only a beautiful heart, a great personality can live forever and capture many hearts. Because one day we all will turn to dusts and only our deeds will remain. I believe a person can be beautiful if their heart is beautiful.

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