Gold Glitter Cat Eye Makeup Step By Step Tutorial + Video



Hello, Perfectionists! This tutorial is especially for those girls who love Glittery and Glossy Makeup. The Artist have done an amazing Job in achieving the Perfect Glitter Makeup. In my point of view, anyone can do smokey makeup but it is very hard to do makeup that has glitter in it. You know why? Becuase glitter can make you look flashy or classy.It totally depends on the Artist and the Teacher of course. Well, you are lucky in both cases because I am pretty sure that you are a great Artist and the person who made this tutorial video is an amazing Teacher. So, good luck and enjoy this makeup look!

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Pink Glitter Cut Crease Makeup Step by Step Tutorial + Video

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Hello, all the Perfectionists! This article is on Pink Glitter Cut crease Makeup Tutorials. I have prepared this tutorial specially for those girls who love Pink Colour and especially glitter (Like me!). Almost all the girls love Pink colour and of course glitter too. That is why Pink colours are known as Girl’s Colours in the entire Universe.

This Pink (Pink Vibrant Makeup Tutorial) Makeup is very Glittery and is perfect for Dates, Dinners, Parties, Valentine, and Homecoming. Prom is another good occasion for this makeup. Also, there are no age restrictions for applying this makeup because it suits on all age groups (Just minimize some makeup products if you are in your early teens).

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Glitter Purple Eye MakeUp Tutorial

The world is full of beautiful colors, and of course some colors are our favorite. Like, some girls love Pink color from their childhood but their favorite color changes form time to time. My favorite color have changed into Purple. So, today I am going to share with you Purple Color Lovers Personality and a Glamorous Purple Eye MakeUp!

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