AliExpress Affordable Products Review + Shipping

Ok, so this is a very strange Header “Aliexpress Affordable Products Review + Shipping”. Well, this article is the review of products I bought from Aliexpress. I really don’t know what should be the header so I tried this lol. I am going to review one dollar products and it’s shipping cost and timing. If you haven’t tried Aliexpress then I guess this is the perfect article for you. This article is really good for all the people in the world including Pakistan. Let’s get started!

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Soft Pink MakeUp Tutorial

Girls love PINK, well most of us. Most of the Girls love Pink colour from their childhood, but other favourite colour choice changes time to time, like of mine. Pink colour symbolises warmth, love, grace, trust, romance, beauty and harmony. Pink colour is not just a nice colour to love but it is also nice for MakeUp.

Let’s see a tutorial on Pink MakeUp or as we say Soft Pink MakeUp!

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Gold Glitter Cat Eye Makeup Step By Step Tutorial + Video



Hello, Perfectionists! This tutorial is especially for those girls who love Glittery and Glossy Makeup. The Artist have done an amazing Job in achieving the Perfect Glitter Makeup. In my point of view, anyone can do smokey makeup but it is very hard to do makeup that has glitter in it. You know why? Becuase glitter can make you look flashy or classy.It totally depends on the Artist and the Teacher of course. Well, you are lucky in both cases because I am pretty sure that you are a great Artist and the person who made this tutorial video is an amazing Teacher. So, good luck and enjoy this makeup look!

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Maybelline Big Apple Red Cosmopolitan Red Review


Hello, readers!

Ok, so we are going to discuss my favourite colour for Winter. I didn’t knew about this colour until I saw it on the Black/White Friday Sale. The price was very cheap and I was not believing that it would be this cheap and the quality is just so amazing. The colour is pure red, it’s name is Big Apple Red Cosmopolitan Red from Maybelline.

I don’t know if it is still available or not but still I believed it was worth sharing. I hope you like it.

Also, I bought it from Daraz.Pk (Online shopping website).

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How To / DIY: Everyday Makeup Look for Teenagers

sni pdoneThis tutorial is for Teenage Girls, but anyone can check it out. I have written this article on Everyday Makeup Tutorial. This tutorial is specially for those girls who really want to use makeup to enhance their beauty, but mostly they end up with something terrible. So I hope you like it!

This tutorial is by Melanie Diaz, I got this video tutorial from her Youtube Channel. Thank you so much to her! I hope you like it.

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Moving to a new domain .Com


Hello, Perfectionists!

Hope you all are enjoying a perfect life. I just want to inform everyone that we are moving to a new domain which will be Perfectionist You .Com. I am so happy that my blog is now a bit successful and I am taking it to the next level. All I want to say is that I really appreciate all of the subscribers who helped me grow this blog.

Ok, so I am hoping that all of you guys will come and see the new blog PerfectionistYou.Com. I believe it will be ready soon. I am not sure how long it will take because I am doing it myself. Let’s hope for the best!

Remember my friends that hard work always pays off.



Bushi B.

Pink Glitter Cut Crease Makeup Step by Step Tutorial + Video

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Hello, all the Perfectionists! This article is on Pink Glitter Cut crease Makeup Tutorials. I have prepared this tutorial specially for those girls who love Pink Colour and especially glitter (Like me!). Almost all the girls love Pink colour and of course glitter too. That is why Pink colours are known as Girl’s Colours in the entire Universe.

This Pink (Pink Vibrant Makeup TutorialMakeup is very Glittery and is perfect for Dates, Dinners, Parties, Valentine, and Homecoming. Prom is another good occasion for this makeup. Also, there are no age restrictions for applying this makeup because it suits on all age groups (Just minimize some makeup products if you are in your early teens).

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My Go To Summer Look Makeup Tutorial (Step by Step + Video)

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It’s August Hot Time and also Party Time on beaches and pools, fun stuff na? You are going to Party or maybe just hang out with friends and need a nice yet Hot Makeup idea? Well, your prayer has been answered because we are here with this amazing ” My GoTo Summer Look” which is perfect your entire  Summer (Or maybe that is left off). You can wear this Makeup to anywhere from Beach Parties to Mall Get Togethers or Dates. Also, it is simple and very easy to do and one more thing this is not just a Makeup idea but we are giving Step By Step Tutorial. So, let’s get started!

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Pokemon Go MakeUp, Clothing and Hairstyle

We all know what Pokemon Go is, for the people who don’t know what it is, it’s THE MOST TRENDING GAME of the world. You have to go outside o play this game. Almost everyone in this world is playing this game. If you haven’t tried this you should give it  a try. Anyhow, we are going to discuss Makeup and Hairstyle for this game. So let’s get started!

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