Redist Hair Care Products Review

Ok, so I am going to review Hair Care Products from Redist Brand. I have been using these Hair Products from like last year (2015 December) and I really liked them. By the way, I am not much into Chemical stuff because they are really harmful but I really liked their products. Also, when I am not into all that oiling and homemade shampoos stuff or I am being lazy then I go for Redist. I believe you should read this review and give its product a chance. let’s get started!

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Anti Aging Cucumber Face Mask


A persons age can be determined by their face only. So, if you want to look younger than do take care of your face and also your health and apply lots of face masks. But do remember that they should be organic, because chemicals are not really good, even a kid knows that, right?  So, do try this 100% Herbal Cucumber Anti-Aging Face Mask.

I also believe that a person only look old when they have tension in their lives. So, stay Healthy and Happy.

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Egg Hair Mask and Benefits



We are going to discuss on “Health” and “Eggs”.   We all are aware of benefits of eggs for Health. Our mom’s have been giving us eggs form our childhood, not only because it is delicious but it is good for health. Although, I am not a fan of egg yet I have to eat it because it is highly nutritious. So, eat an egg everyday!

A healthy person is the richest person in the world. So eat healthy food, keep your diet balanced and eat eggs. We will never realize how healthy we are until we become sick.


“Health is like Money, we never have true idea of it’s value until we have lost it.”

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Face Masks from Persimmon


I always wonder how can people think that being beautiful, having a pretty face can capture many hearts. But do you ever think, how long will it last? I believe it will only last as long as it stays beautiful, and what comes after that? Nothing. Only a beautiful heart, a great personality can live forever and capture many hearts. Because one day we all will turn to dusts and only our deeds will remain. I believe a person can be beautiful if their heart is beautiful.

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