How to make Organic/Herbal Shampoo at home in just a few minutes?

This article is about Shampooing, which is the directly related to Hairs. Hairs are the Girl’s best friend, they take care of their hairs and style them. We do Curling, Straightening and Dye our Hairs (For sure). But styling hairs costs more than a Diamond Necklace, and by cost I mean FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. I am saying this because our hairs get damaged, hair fall, dandruff and many other problems, which really gives us Girls minor Heart Attacks so styling hair costs more than a Diamond Necklace. After styling our Hairs we go for oiling or straight to Shampoo, now the question arises what kind of shampoo should we use and how often should we shampoo? Well, the answer to these questions lie just a few paragraphs down.

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10 Dark Eye Circles Remedies

Everyone wants to look beautiful. But it is impossible to get your desired beauty standard when you have Dark circles. Someone have truly said that eyes can say a thousand words, but what do a Racoon human’s eyes say. Anyhow, dark circles are usually caused due to lack of sleep, stress and unbalanced hormones, also you may have inherited them. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, gets some sleep, stay cool and free from tension and eat a balanced diet to avoid them. Also, try our Herbal remedies.

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How to: Make Lemon Grass Tea and Benefits

LemonGrass is an amazing herb/plant, it is used to treat many problems and diseases (You can read these in this article). LemonGrass not only have a pleasant aroma but it is packed with lots of essential nutrients and minerals, such as Vitamins, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Iron etc. It also contains anti-bacterial and anti-oxidants properties, which makes it perfect for common ailments.

It is mostly found in Asian Countries. But it is available worldwide, you can get it from any store near you (Hopefully). I have grown a LemonGrass plant in my house, whenever I want to make LemonGrass Tea I just go and grab some LemonGrass and start making it’s tea.

You can make this tea easily. If you want some help with it, we are here for you! Let’s make Lemongrass Tea.

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How To / DIY : Homemade Hairfall Remedy Oil

Today our topic is on HairFall and Baldness. We will discuss an amazing HomeMade Hair Oil which will not only prevent HairFall, but it will also help in regrowth of Hairs.

Every girl/women love their Hair. Even if their clothes, shoes or bags are not perfect their hairs are perfect (Most of the time). Hairs are our best friend because they make us look AMAZING, no matter what we wear. As a teenager, you want to dye your hairs, maybe curl or straighten it. But you are afraid of HairFall or that you may end up Bald. You are right to get worried about this problem. But you need a solution for this. Something good, reliable, affordable and of course ORGANIC. (Check this post: Hair Loss: How to Stop it on its Tracks) Continue reading

6 Tips/remedies for Beautiful Lips (UPDATED)

Lips are the most important and the most beautiful facial feature. The perfect beauty of a person comes from their lips, and having dark, dull or pale lips will destroy their natural beauty. Beautiful Lips make us look more attractive. Ever noticed why RED Lip Color makes you look bold or PINK Lip Color makes you look sweet and innocent. Because the Lip Colour and your Lips describe you.

 Most people have naturally pink or red lips, and some people have dark and pale lips. If you want to get back your pinkish baby lips, check out the following homemade Herbal Tips and Remedies.

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HomeMade Organic Masks

Today we are going to discuss on Homemade and Fresh Masks, anyone can make and use it. If you are a teenager no need to stress out, try one of our face masks. They are really good for your skin. Let’s see the article.

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The very First step for a Good MakeUp: Face Steams

beauty girl wash face  Stock Photo - 28685105

Every person in the world wants a perfect skin, but a perfect skin can only be achieved if you work hard for your skin. This may include facial masks, scrubs, masks, baths etc. We are going to discuss facial steams today. In our previous post, we had talked about, proper face cleansing which may help get rid of acne, oily or dry skin, dark spots, uneven skin etc. You can check our previous post The Very First Step for a Good MakeUp

Your daily routine, sleeping hours, eating and drinking habits (Eating For Beauty: Food and Drinks) show on your face, which means healthy lifestyle = healthy skin. So drink plenty of water and eat healthy food. Apart from food and water intake, you should get plenty of sleep. Another thing, just like you eat food daily and 3-4 times same as your skin needs its own food daily, at least once in a day. Check this post for some help regarding you skin care routine, also Morning / Night routines  As for the makeup check Makeup Skin-Care Routine

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The Very First Step for a Good MakeUp

Woman Using White and Orange Floral Hat

We all are aware what cleansing means. As for the people who don’t, it means to clean all the dirt, perspiring, bacteria, grease, dust, makeup and pollution that collects on your skin, which should be removed completely. Just like a painter prepares his canvas for a painting, a woman should prepare her face for the makeup. To prepare your face for the perfect makeup, you have to take the very first step which is cleansing. Let’s discuss some face cleansing steps.

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Summer Herbal Skin and Face Care


Today we are going to discuss Summer. We all are aware of Summer’s fashion and also it’s care. But we sometimes make a mistake in taking care of our skin. We get sunburns, rashes, rough skin etc. Let’s start our discussion!

The environment has a big impact on the human face, hand and feet, in short our whole body. It is very important that we have to take care of our skin keeping in mind the atmosphere. For example in the winter season,  the products or homemade things we use, should be different and the tips and tricks that we use in summers should also be different. It is only because we need to keep our body updated like we do with our phones we can’t have flip phones in touch phones era. The point is that when using any product or any remedy we always have to think of our surroundings, and the nature of our body so the product is applied gently and does not cause any problem.

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