My Go To Summer Look Makeup Tutorial (Step by Step + Video)

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It’s August Hot Time and also Party Time on beaches and pools, fun stuff na? You are going to Party or maybe just hang out with friends and need a nice yet Hot Makeup idea? Well, your prayer has been answered because we are here with this amazing ” My GoTo Summer Look” which is perfect your entire  Summer (Or maybe that is left off). You can wear this Makeup to anywhere from Beach Parties to Mall Get Togethers or Dates. Also, it is simple and very easy to do and one more thing this is not just a Makeup idea but we are giving Step By Step Tutorial. So, let’s get started!

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How To/DIY: Soft Summer Nude and Pink Makeup Tutorial + Video


Today we are going to share an amazing Tutorial. This tutorial is about enhancing your beauty for Summer. This Makeup Tutorial is for Summer, and you can use it with any outfit. It got a bit of Pink Colour, but it is mostly nude so you will look nice in this makeup. This makeup will look nice on everyone including teen girls.

This Makeup Tutorial is by Fictionally Flawless. I believe she is an amazing MakeUp Artist. You should check her Tutorials. Her Youtube Channel is Fictionally Flawless.



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How to / DIY: Homemade Plum/Prune Juice + Benefits

Today our topic is PLUM or maybe dried Plum i.e Prune. We will discuss it’s benefits and some juice made from Plum or Prune. Let’s take a look at Plum/Prune Juice.

Plum is a very yummy Summer Fruit. It tastes Sweet n Sour and has a very pleasant Aroma. I believe no fruit can be compared to the Plum. Not because of it’s taste, but it is because it has so much health, skin and hair benefits.

Summer is here and you need to stay hydrated, and mostly water does not only do that. You need Juice as well, so why not drink some juices. This is why we are going to share some Plum Juice Recipes with you.

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How To Make: Teas For Summer

The name says it all, but still I will tell you what you are going to read in the article. We are going to discuss on Teas which are perfect for Summer. Some Teas recipes, which are very good for health, skin, and dehydration.Let’s get on with it.

You are not going to drink those Hot Drinks such as Coffee or maybe Hot Cocoa in this hot season. Even if you do you may get some acne problems. Therefore, we need an alternative and the best alternative that can be is to replace HOT with ICED.

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Summer Makeup

Almost every girl love makeup, even if the makeup doesn’t look good on her still she will love makeup. The most important parts of makeup are Lips and Eyes.


If you cancel on a girl after she have applied makeup she will not stay at home, she will go out and walk her Fish because she is not going to waste her makeup.


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Hair Dye Summer Trends

As, we all know that Summer is here with it’s Trends. The most important trend of Summer Trends are Hairs Styles, but we only refer hairstyles as buns and braids etc. As, a matter of fact Hair Style is very vast, from haircuts to hair dyes.

My favorite part of Hair Styles is Hair Dye, because they keeps me updated of the fashion trends. Agree or not they do help us keep updated of Fashion Trends.


I’m crazy for hair color. Colors embraces you. It wakes you up and keeps you present.”

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Summer Hair Ideas

Summer is here with it’s heat and trends.

The most important part of Summer is to survive in such a hot season. This includes wearing light clothes and of course hairstyle.

I personally love Buns in Summer. Just not because they help me survive this hot season but also they are highly trendy and stylish.

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