AliExpress Affordable Products Review + Shipping

Ok, so this is a very strange Header “Aliexpress Affordable Products Review + Shipping”. Well, this article is the review of products I bought from Aliexpress. I really don’t know what should be the header so I tried this lol. I am going to review one dollar products and it’s shipping cost and timing. If you haven’t tried Aliexpress then I guess this is the perfect article for you. This article is really good for all the people in the world including Pakistan. Let’s get started!

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What I have learned in 2016

Today I am going to share my memories of 2016. I am going to summarise my memories and the lessons which I have learned in 2016 in just one article. What I have lost and what I have gained, what I regret and the lessons that I have learned.

It took me about 10 days to write this post and I hope I got it right. I tried my best to explain my thoughts and I have put all efforts to write it in a good way because writing your thought is a very difficult task.


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