Bread Toaster Cover DIY/How To

I am sorry for my absence these past few days. But I am back with so many amazing and interesting articles for you. Let me give you a brief introduction to this article.

So, if you are looking for a way to cover up your Bread Toaster then this is the article you have been looking for. This is the easiest, quickest and economical DIY Toaster Cover. I have used only two things to cover it up. Let’s get started!

If you are wondering why you need to cover it then it is because insects get into them and it is so hard to clean them. Also, if you have pets like a dog or a cat then they would really mess up the toaster.

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Soft Pink MakeUp Tutorial

Girls love PINK, well most of us. Most of the Girls love Pink colour from their childhood, but other favourite colour choice changes time to time, like of mine. Pink colour symbolises warmth, love, grace, trust, romance, beauty and harmony. Pink colour is not just a nice colour to love but it is also nice for MakeUp.

Let’s see a tutorial on Pink MakeUp or as we say Soft Pink MakeUp!

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Gold Glitter Cat Eye Makeup Step By Step Tutorial + Video



Hello, Perfectionists! This tutorial is especially for those girls who love Glittery and Glossy Makeup. The Artist have done an amazing Job in achieving the Perfect Glitter Makeup. In my point of view, anyone can do smokey makeup but it is very hard to do makeup that has glitter in it. You know why? Becuase glitter can make you look flashy or classy.It totally depends on the Artist and the Teacher of course. Well, you are lucky in both cases because I am pretty sure that you are a great Artist and the person who made this tutorial video is an amazing Teacher. So, good luck and enjoy this makeup look!

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Pink Glitter Cut Crease Makeup Step by Step Tutorial + Video

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Hello, all the Perfectionists! This article is on Pink Glitter Cut crease Makeup Tutorials. I have prepared this tutorial specially for those girls who love Pink Colour and especially glitter (Like me!). Almost all the girls love Pink colour and of course glitter too. That is why Pink colours are known as Girl’s Colours in the entire Universe.

This Pink (Pink Vibrant Makeup TutorialMakeup is very Glittery and is perfect for Dates, Dinners, Parties, Valentine, and Homecoming. Prom is another good occasion for this makeup. Also, there are no age restrictions for applying this makeup because it suits on all age groups (Just minimize some makeup products if you are in your early teens).

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My Go To Summer Look Makeup Tutorial (Step by Step + Video)

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It’s August Hot Time and also Party Time on beaches and pools, fun stuff na? You are going to Party or maybe just hang out with friends and need a nice yet Hot Makeup idea? Well, your prayer has been answered because we are here with this amazing ” My GoTo Summer Look” which is perfect your entire  Summer (Or maybe that is left off). You can wear this Makeup to anywhere from Beach Parties to Mall Get Togethers or Dates. Also, it is simple and very easy to do and one more thing this is not just a Makeup idea but we are giving Step By Step Tutorial. So, let’s get started!

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How To: Plump Lips & Ombre Lip Tutorial

Today we are going to discuss Plumed Lips and Ombre Lips. This post is especially for teens who want to plump their lips at home, also this trick is temporary and I have tried it myself. Also, we are giving a tutorial for Ombre Lips. I hope you like it.


Let’s Get Started!


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How To Apply Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup is the very most important part when you are going to attend a casual or maybe a formal function such as a charity party, everyday style (Makeup Tutorial: Everyday Makeup.), club party,  a wedding function, business meeting, birthday or anniversary party etc. For all those events & other festivals you need to do a perfect makeover, also you always need a perfect makeover who I am kidding. In make up the eye shades part have great importance. Your eye makeup should never be so boring or dull or maybe grandma’s style. Similarly, it should not be so bold or maybe so vibrant that you will feel alienatic. A person should always go for an elegant and stunning look if you want to achieve a perfect look.Today, we are going to show that “how you can apply eye makeup perfectly & flawlessly”, it is way too, easy even a kid can do it. I am going to share a simple step by step eye makeup basic which you can use for any eye makeup style.

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How-To Dye Your Hairs Part 2

Some people are crazy for experimentation which is related to style, hairs and makeup, but there are some people who do not have confidence or courage to dye their hairs. They hesitate from dying hairs because they can affect the hair’s health, shine and their beauty. I do agree dying hairs can cause hair fall problems, dullness roughness etc. But ever wonder why we face such problems? It is mainly because of bleaching and harsh chemicals in dyes. If you have Dark brown or black hairs you need to bleach your hairs to platinum blonde in order to get neon or fresh colours. In short, we can say that bleaching our hairs mean that we are killing our beautiful hairs.  Also, using bad company dyes can also be a problem, you can use natural dyes available in the market such as henna/Mehandi or you can make red colours or other from natural fruits and vegetables. But to every problem, there is a solution. Let’s start solving the problem!


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